Monday, January 27, 2020

Restylane Skin Boosters

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Skin boosters are versatile treatments that can be used to:

  • Treat the fine and crepey lines caused by over exposure to the sun
  • Boost the skins hydration system leaving the skin looking plump and hydrated
  • Helps boost collagen and Elastin structure within the skin
  • Perfect for treating sun damaged skin on the face, back of hands and decolletage 
  • For men and women of all skin types
  • For people with younger or mature skin
  • Improving skin structure e.g acne scarred or photo damaged skin
  • What does the treatment involve?

The area to be treated is numbed using a anesthetic cream. Then the area is cleansed and your practitioner will place a small dose of the hyaluronic acid under the skin using multiple injections.  Some bruising can be expected with this treatment but usually clears within a few days.  A course of 3 is required for optimum results and this procedure is repeated 2-4 weekly. A maintenance dose of a single treatment to keep your skin glowing is required every 6 months.

Course of 3 - £450
Maintenance single treatment - £150

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